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About the Exhibition

The International Engineering Fair (MSV) is the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual participation reaching more than 1700 exhibitors and more than 80,000 visitors from various countries worldwide. All nine of the key specialist sectors of the engineering industry are very well represented.

The visitor profile is very strong, quite in line with the importance of the Fair. 70% of the visitors are decision makers and buying influencers, a third of them are in senior management roles. As one of the best known and well-publicized trade fairs in the country, it attracts over 400 accredited journalists. MSV is an established brand with a long tradition. The event also ensure that both visitors and exhibitors benefit from an excellent range of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Focus Products

  • Mining, metallurgical, ceramic and glass engineering, the foundry industry
  • Materials and components for mechanical engineering
  • Drives, hydraulics and pneumatics, cooling and air-conditioning technology
  • Plastics, rubber, composites, chemicals for engineering
  • Metal-working and forming machines, tools, welding, surface technology
  • Power engineering and heavy-current electrical engineering
  • Electronics, automation and measuring technology
  • Ecological technology
  • Research, development, transfer of technologies, financial and other services